An Authentic Life

What is it that makes an authentic life?

What are the benefits in choosing to life an authentic life?

The authentic life is not only about self-realisation but has a common good component that is self-transcending. Authenticity is a broader, and richer, working out in connection with others as community and encompasses the ethical.[1] Ethical life is a ‘recombination, of the elements of life … in order to increase joy’. This is in opposition to ‘advanced capitalism’ that produces ‘sad affects, or paralysis, as well as promoting a certain ignorance as regards what causes certain affects’.[2]

[1] Taylor, Charles (1992) The Ethics of Authenticity, Viking, London.

[2] O’Sullivan, Simon and Zepke, Stephen (eds) (2011) Deleuze, Guattari and the Production of the New, Continuum, London, p. 93.


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