Coalition take from the poor and give to the rich

One of the first decisions was to scrap tax concessions to low and middle income earners, to support their saving for their retirement, while people on high incomes receive very substantial concessions.

Now, they are going back on their promise to honour the Gonski funding that enables all Australian children, no matter their postcode or family income, to have equal access to quality education.

In justification the public are given the less than balanced judgement that the more financially advantaged are discriminated against.

“With its misguided emphasis on students’ socioeconomic backgrounds and its discrimination against private schools, the Gonski education reform needed to be reviewed” writes Kevin Donnelly.

It is the old saying, don’t let the objective truth get in the way of a good biased assessment.

If you are unfamiliar with the Gonski Review, it is the most comprehensive investigation of the way schools are funded in almost 40 years, with the respected business leader David Gonski at the helm, the review found too many schools did not have the resources needed to give every child a high quality education.



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