Ethics and women in business

A devaluing of our humanity exists in current outworkings of society in general, including  a lack of ethics in business practice and management of human resources.[1] There is perpetual discrimination of women in workplaces, where ‘a strong case exists for increasing gender diversity on corporate boards based on notions of fairness, justice, equity, and equal opportunity’[2] where studies correlate ‘a critical mass of female directors outperform all-male boards’.[3]

The modern economy is ‘Stripped of a framework of morality, [that] … call forth perversions of justice and humanity’.[5] The outcome is ‘ethics and intellect’ are denied and ‘self-interest, grandiosity and greed take centre stage’. [6]

It seems as though businesses are enshrined in such a male orientated culture that they are unable to take up the advantages of situating women on boards. Now Germany is looking to prescribe that 30 percent of open positions on company supervisory boards be reserved for women, as of 2016.[7]

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One thought on “Ethics and women in business

  1. Indeed, We need more diversity. Diversity makes organizations stronger and a lot more sustainable. How to get there? Increase collaboration, co creation, and candor in our organizations and through creating safe and truthful environments. Then across the board communication takes place and pair it with panel interviews and we just may have a very diverse workplace. We have a lot of progress and success that way. Nice post with a great deal of relevancy. Ralf

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