LNP Weazel, Christopher Pyne

When there is a job to fly in the face or reason and integrity, Christopher Pyne is your man. I don’t believe I have ever seen him put himself in the firing line for anything that can be interpreted as holding integrity. Here he is again doing what he does best with the the Gonski unity ticket that he and Tony Abbott went to the Federal election with.

Before the election Tony Abbott’s statement was ”As far as school funding is concerned, Kevin Rudd and I are on a unity ticket”. After the election Pyne says ”There is no broken promise of any kind.” A blatant refusal to acknowledge what everyone else on both sides of politics believes.

Pynes overinflated and smug demeanour is palpable. It matters not one jot to Pyne that he is faced with angry protests from a brace of State Premiers, bitter recrimination from academics and a chorus of condemnation from both teachers and parents.

Accusations of reneging, back-flips, porkies, snow jobs, reneging, lame excuses and flat-out lying don’t seem to make dent in Pyne’s cheery, pink-cheeked composure.

“Gonski was the most comprehensive review of school funding in 40 years – one designed to make the system better for all kids. It called for funding to be allocated based on the needs of the students; to be topped up with additional funding to take into account types disadvantage different students experience, such as Indigeniety, remoteness, second language learners, refugee children and disability,” writes Zyngier.

“Pyne claims their new model will be “flatter, … simpler, … fairer [model] … and it will be equitable for students so that the school funding reaches those who need it the most”. But what is more equitable than the Gonski model that is blind to sector and funds students and schools according to need?”

And this: “The once in a generation opportunity to redress the incredible levels of disadvantage in public education, that has been instrumental in Australia’s fall in international test results has now been lost.”




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