Being authentic: the big glow

How could we ever want to be anything else but authentic? Being authentic is about being fully yourself as a gift to yourself and a gift to the world where we are. Being fully alive to fully enjoy ourselves and fully enjoy the people around us with love and honesty, with a voice that seeks to grow in understanding and rejoice in the beauty of life as it presents itself to us daily, to generate and share positive energy which is not false or manipulative but pure and good.

Brian Piergrossi is the author of The Big Glow, International Life Coach & Counselor, Spiritual and Meditation Teacher, Comedian, Musician, Healer and Poet understands being authentic as a crucial component of the Big Blow, and wrote, “The Big Glow is a poetic metaphor for that which is always inside us. Our spiritual essence which transcends thought. It is discovered when we stop looking for fulfillment outside of ourselves. It is not about trying to be happy. It is about being authentic. BEing who we are. Happiness, Freedom, Inner Peace, Passion, Joy, Meaning, Purpose, Inspiration are byproducts that come through the self-realization of alignment with our true essence.”



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