LNP: GIve to the rich, take from the poor

The Coalition want to scrap supporting superannuation for low income earners while bolstering the superannuation of high income earners. Yes. More of the same from the Coalition with Abbott and Hockey. The family values here are that you are only ever eligible, now and in the future, if you already have everything you need and everything you want. Otherwise it is not our problem according to the policy of the Coalition.

This direction of policy tells me there is no no consideration of just or fair. This direction tells me we are dealing with a medieval mindset to enslave the less fortunate now and well into the future and deprive them of opportunity and dignity to be bargained by the bigger end of town. This is welfare to the very rich, and the rich.

Another blogger wrote “Despite all this talk of a “budget emergency”, the Abbott Government doesn’t seem interested in increasing the size of the pie, or perhaps dishing less out. Instead, it’s changing who gets a slice, making sure that the wealthiest, most deserving Australians benefit at the expense of the great, immoral, unwashed. As Dan Spencer once said, “It’s cut-throat Capitalism for the poor, and Corporate Socialism for the rich.”” (http://scitnecessitas.com/2013/12/23/the-real-reason-tony-abbott-wont-spend-money-for-poor-people/)




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