The only family values they hold are for their own vested interests

More of the same is the general moral abyss of the LNP where the NDIS is the first port of call for financial cuts where as the Gold plated parental leave scheme remains a shrine. No doubt this is to show respect to women but just not in the parliamentary cabinet, thank you.

Mark Latham wrote “In practice, these hard-right activists are value-free. Compared to their true political obsession (objecting to all things left-of-centre), their commitment to free speech and family values is vacuous. In the worst sense of the term, they are political animals: scragging, authoritarian types who seek to limit and control the public debate. This is the dangerous thing about fanaticism. The new right will not rest until its views are the only views remaining in the political marketplace”.

Even moderate LNP members have concerns. Latham wrote “The impact on the Liberal Party has been profound. The retiring Queensland Liberal senator Sue Boyce has voiced the concern of moderate MPs about the growing influence of Tea Party politics, warning, “We need to be on our guard that we don’t end up going down the road that the Republicans have in the United States.” The SA Liberal senator Cory Bernardi, formerly Abbott’s parliamentary secretary, is using various front groups, such as David Flint’s “CANdo” organisation, to establish a Tea Party presence in Australia.”



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