Germany is leading the way with family friendly corporate values

As the strongest country of the European it is great to see Germany leading the way in adopting attitudes and work practices that recognise employess are people, and these persons have family, family responsibilities. While many family friendly policies have most often meant flexibility for women in the workforce, Germany in particular is adjusting corporate culture to assist men in their family responsibilities in their role as fathers.

Spiegel Online wrote:

When his daughter was born a little under three years ago, the 47-year-old reduced his work hours, initially working 40 percent, then 60 percent and more recently 80 percent. In his division of 80 employees, the banker was the first father to take parental leave and the first to give up a full-time position. “At the time, I certainly asked myself whether it was even possible to work part time in a leadership position,” says Göbel, who heads a team of five. But his experiment has proven successful, and he continues to spend one workday a week at home, although he remains reachable by BlackBerry even on those days.

Göbel is an exception — at least for now.

The fact is that he is one of many fathers who are no longer satisfied working all week, only to see their children on weekends. He’s one of many men who want, despite their dedication to their careers, to be a part of their children’s daily life as well — and who have at their side self-confident, professionally successful women who take it as a matter of course that both parents will participate in raising and caring for their children.



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