The affront of change

Change, like technology, is not in itself good or bad rather, change is often a tool used to gain advantage over others, which again is not necessarily good or bad in itself, but the degree of advantage and exploitation over the more vulnerable is the issue and concern. Therefore, it is in how change is managed, it is the trust given and used by the less fortunate and less powerful of the management and implementation of change and whether appropriate consideration is given as much to the result as is paid to the accumulation of wealth and power.

Change, like history, can only be measured by its full results and include the general human impact, the direction of supporting community values and the impact on the environment. As such, it is in full transparency that the machinations of human enterprise needs to be micro managed, just as the exchange of monies is micro managed in the economy, and this is because community and the individuals which make community are more important than money, and rather is always and only ever to be managed and accumulated under the keen eye of full community and environmental impact during and resulting change.

This is what democracy is about, promoting and managing change that is meaningful and beneficial to human condition, and that means everyone’s human condition, not just the few.

The result of a greater divide between the rich and poor over the last fifty years of material wealth in the western world reveals the lack of democratic ideas and practice and this includes the need to respect the long-term view of the health and quality of regeneration of the environment. All privilege needs to be realised as accompanying an equal practice of responsibility, in all the fullness of the word responsibility.

The Human Foundation of Business by Jeff Klein wrote:

While the idea that “the business of business is business” predominates popular perception, in truth, the business of business is service to humans and humanity.

Human beings are social animals. We live in groups that serve our individual and collective needs. Business is a form of human social organization that emerged and evolves to serve human needs and aspirations.

As entrepreneurs, investors, employees, consumers and citizens, we are business and business is us. Since we conceive it, manage and staff it, legislate it, and buy its products and services, we influence what business is and what it does.

As we recognize this and consciously conceive our relationship to business, business and our percpetion of it will evolve to more fully and deeply serve our needs, aspirations and evolution.


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