Anxiety driven politics

Each political endeavour carries with it a set of values about what is and is not important as well as strategies that are deemed acceptable. It is crucial to examine the ideas that emerge from politics as they create a momentum within society to effect a particular sort of change.

A vision for the health of a country and society by its nature needs to be inclusive to entrench the positive energy within the human condition. This proceeds to enable each citizen to connect, within their individual circumstances, to a respectful humanity that carries an enabling vision and increases the healthy qualities of the human condition and that breed integrity for a constructive and fully enabled society. This engenders an equality that recognises each person as valid and resourceful in their own unique way to enrich society.

Working towards outcomes that are inclusive and benefit all individuals requires a society that does not punish individuals for their personal circumstances which life has randomly cast upon them. Society is a broad family where we work to bring each member along to their capacity for their own selves and for the benefit and enrichment of the fuller society. A society that enables each of its members to harness their individual qualities for the good of the individual and the broader society. A society that does not enable its citizens is then actively disabling them. Of course, there is personal responsibility but there is also societal responsibility. Studies show that appropriate health and education access enables a society to be increasingly economically viable in a way that enables each person to benefit not just those who are already benefiting from financial advantage. To withhold these means of access for personal and societal prosperity is unacceptable on the road to generating a cohesive society of personal and societal integrity.

Many political ideas can be evaluated by their ability to either increase or decrease, perceived and real, barriers that exist between different segments of society. This is what occurs when policy is not guided by principles to build an inclusive and cohesive society. When this is the case, then policy entrenches fear and anxiety and often tends to turn one segment of society against another and often to benefit one segment of society at the expense of another. When this occurs it is purely ideologically driven rather than objectively and wisely generated.

The possible and extensive outcomes from government policies are something we each need to take seriously. Certain proverbial sayings come to mind that are poignant. There is the saying that addresses fence-sitting or hesitation on concerns of importance such as he who hesitates is lost. Meaning that if you do not take some action to direct energies appropriately then it will be governed by the actions of someone else who may not prioritise and value what is important to you.

There is also the proverb that has come to us from Aesop’s Fables to ‘be careful what you wish for because you might get it’. This caution challenges a persons to follow the logic of their sentiment to its full and specific outcome to take account of the reality of the consequences they seek to induce. By confronting the scenario of the fullest repercussions that would assail, if their thoughts and words were actually materialised, enables the individual to examine their words and thoughts so to be more objective, rather than knee-jerk response from al short-sighted subjective reaction.

Each of these attest to the wisdom of examining what we value and what it truly means in its fullest application within society. This wisdom will enable each to discern what is motivated to attain an inclusive society or what designates and entrenches that which is mean spirited and self protecting at all costs.

It is in the type of vision perceived by the individual that will propel their political will for themselves and their communities as well as politicians. If the ideas reveal a mean spirited, anxiety ridden fear that generates a mindset of self preservation despite the fuller outcomes for others then this needs to be seen for what it is. It is an idea to break down and break through the positive energies of our human spirits and position the individual to believe they have been backed into a corner and need to come out fighting for self preservation.

The final outcomes either ennoble or reduce the human spirit within our society with consequences accordingly. Either way, it is a matter of personal and collective choice to support policies that push contemporary society to be more cohesiveness, not less.


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