Socio-economic gluttons

Socio-economic gluttony is what we see when in the midst of long economic growth, as Australia along with many western countries have experienced since World War II, it is only the rich who get richer. They stand by to watch and blame the ills on those who where economically muscled out though withholding of health and education. Of course, it is always the poorer and more vulnerable who are easy targets for inappropriate and very often untrue blaming and labeling.

Let’s see Hockey do his stuff in May with the next Federal Budget and more statistical acrobatic distortion, and let’s see how he continues to take from the poor to prop up the rich and smug. This is exactly what he did by removing low and middle income superannuation incentives so he can add these to further increase the superannuation incentive of high income earners.

“Like most of the Coalition’s Hockeynomics, the plan to slash old age pensions doesn’t match the facts. More than a third of our elderly suffer in poverty” writes Ben Eltham.

We already have a large number of older workers who can not find work. The government doesn’t seem to be doing anything to enable these people to find viable work options.  These people struggle on unlivable Newstart payments. (Read more at

There are countries who have the guts and vision to enable their populations and do a very good job at the economic development level. They see all the people in their countries as assets to strengthen not only the economic stability and prosperity, but the means to generate a full society inclusion.

Why do so many rich want to keep the poor and vulnerable deprived of education and health opportunity and with it, basic dignity? What drives this sort of ambition? They have dark hearts, indeed.

Rich people tell the middle class people to blame the poor.


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