Is it really prosperity if it is not shared

“I think all of us here today would acknowledge that we’ve lost that sense of shared prosperity.” Barack Obama, 27 March 2008

Any prosperity is not an expanding and inclusive concept is not really prosperity but greed and self indulgence of the worst kind.

This is informed by the way I see love. Love is an expanding concept, the more you are loved the more you have to offer to those around you. As soon as love becomes an end in itself it is more about selfishness, greed and is mean-spirited, and not love at all.

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The excess of the executive salary

“Switzerland votes this weekend on whether to limit executives’ pay at twelve times that of their lowest-paid worker. In the run up to the referendum, the issue has become a national talking point, with both sides stoking public resentments and fears.”

This is the sort of debate that needs to happen in all countries to ensure adequate remuneration for all people in the chain of supply and demand, and to provide an adequate morality of integrity and dignity for each meaningful contribution.

The prosperity of the western world over the last twenty years has seen an increase of income disparity and inequality throughout the OECD countries. The result of this tendency is underscoring the ‘social recession’ in the developed world during the period of significant prosperity. (Jackson, Tim (2009) Prosperity without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet, Earthscan, p.5.)

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