Being authentic: the big glow

How could we ever want to be anything else but authentic? Being authentic is about being fully yourself as a gift to yourself and a gift to the world where we are. Being fully alive to fully enjoy ourselves and fully enjoy the people around us with love and honesty, with a voice that seeks to grow in understanding and rejoice in the beauty of life as it presents Continue reading


Magic of everyday life

We are never really sure where actions, decisions or events spring from. But, in all their stark reality, the results are there. What lies hidden within men and women is beyond our grasp; maybe these hidden depths are only an instubstantial mist, and not a profound substance (a Grund, a nature, an unconscious belonging to the individual or a group); it may only be a myth. Men and women are beyond us. But the battle, however confused, always has an outcome. There, before us, lies a child, a casualty, or a corpse; a marriage, a life together to organize or to disrupt, a place to live to be found; suffering to endure or Continue reading

An Authentic Life

What is it that makes an authentic life?

What are the benefits in choosing to life an authentic life?

The authentic life is not only about self-realisation but has a common good component that is self-transcending. Authenticity is a broader, and richer, working out in connection with others as community and encompasses the ethical.[1] Ethical life is a ‘recombination, of the elements of life … in order to increase joy’. This is in opposition to ‘advanced capitalism’ that produces ‘sad affects, or paralysis, as well as promoting a certain ignorance as regards what causes certain affects’.[2]

[1] Taylor, Charles (1992) The Ethics of Authenticity, Viking, London.

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